School History

Wellspring University was founded by Management Science Centre, a Professional Training and Educational Consulting Firm established in 1983.

The centre, which has a long-standing history of excellent performance in this subsector, commenced business as a tutorial centre for degree students of the then Correspondence and Open Studies Institute of the University of Lagos.

The Centre coached students in Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting, Business Administration and Education, as well as the Master of Business Administration (MBA). With an initial enrolments of five hundred (500) students in 1983, the centre trained sizable population of the part-time and executive students in the University of Lagos, many of them graduating in Second Class (Upper Division).

Between 1995 and 2003 the centre operated joint venture programmes with Ambrose Alli University to run the former Lagos Satellite campus of the University, offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses.

Furthermore, the centre collaborated with University of Ibadan in 1995 to run diploma courses, and Auchi Polytechnic in1993 for certificate courses. Against the background of more than thirty years’ experience in this subsector, it is safe to posit that University Education is MSC’s core area of operation and competence.

Aside of tertiary education, the Centre is a major investor in secondary education in Nigeria. Being the owners of Wisdom Gate High School and Wellspring College founded in 2003, both of which are first rate secondary schools located in the highbrow areas of Lagos State.

Our contributions in this area can be measured by the fact that Wellspring College was honoured by the West African Examinations Council as third best secondary school in Lagos State in the 2015 Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination.

The Centre also established Cornerstone College of Education, a sub degree tertiary institution.

Having established a solid and credible pedigree in running undergraduate and post-graduate programmes through collaboration with notable tertiary institutions in Nigeria, the Centre applied to the National Universities Commission for a license to operate a private University.

In November 2009, Wellspring University was issued a provisional license as one of the Private Universities in Nigeria.

Objectives of Wellspring University

We have been setup to:

  • Provide teaching and research geared towards practical application of Knowledge and appropriate understanding of society and the technical realities necessary for solving problems in different spheres of life.
  • Stimulate the national economy with research findings capable of producing a solid impact on business, science and technology.
  • Impart a culture of development-oriented research in students who will graduate to pursue the ideals of excellence in skill application and integrity of character.
  • Produce graduates who manifest the traits of a total person in terms of both academic and technical knowledge and personality development.

School Philosophy

The philosophy of the university is to produce leaders equipped with relevant knowledge and skills for the solving of societal and human problems through the use of curricula that are result-oriented and which promote the inculcation of the fear of God.


Principal Officers

Associate Prof. C. Onyeogi

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Prof. P.E. Igbinovia

Dean- College of Social and Management Sciences

Prof. C.I. Ndiokwere

Dean- College of Natural Sciences

Joseph O. Asibor

University Librarian