Spiritual Development

At Wellspring University we firmly believe that a robust spiritual life is the foundation for an impactful life. We are fully aware that the world needs solution providers that wouldn’t compromise on their values, hence the Christian perspective is integrated in everything we do at Wellspring University.

A robust spiritual life is the foundation for an impactful life.

Daniel IsimoyaFounder, Wellspring University


Wellspring is a faith-based but non-denominational university. One of the university’s goals is to build up the total man/woman academically, spiritually and physically; and to prepare the students to imbibe the necessary values that will enable them proffer innovative solution in any field they decide to venture into after graduation; and also to be able to cope with life’s challenges.

Chapel services at Wellspring University usually include praise and worship and a relevant message designed to challenge students. Services for the University community holds on Sundays and Word exposition holds on Wednesdays. The university chapel is led by a vibrant Chaplain and is assisted by spiritually capable ministers that deputise in his absence.

How To Participate?

Students are encouraged to join a service unit as there are a number of service units where each student can serve.