We pick the best and brightest students purely on their academic merit and passion for their chosen course. If that sounds like you, and you like to think for yourself, Wellspring could be the right university for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Apply online ?

Yes you can apply online, by clicking on this Link

Is there Accommodation for Students ?

Yes, there are world class hostel facilities available for successfully admitted students.

Are the fees Affordable ?

We have one of the most competitive fees in the country

Am I qualified for the programme I want to do?

You can find the entry requirements for individual undergraduate programmes are in our student handbook. This includes information on both academic and English language requirements (if English is not your first language).

If you cannot find the information, or you are unclear what the entry requirements are, you can contact the Undergraduate Admissions Team here

Is it too late to Apply ?

Unfortunately it is now too late to make an application to Wellspring for undergraduate courses starting in 2017.